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What I’m doing

If you cared at all about me, you’ve noticed that I haven’t posted anything relevant on my blog since the new year. But there is some good reasoning behind that, most notably being that I’ve found an internship.

This semester, I’ll be working with a company called Serra Media. It’s based in the Northwest, but I am able to work from Pittsburgh. For 12-15 hours a week, I’ll be community managing different hyperlocal news sites, or Newsgardens, like My Renton or The Olympian. I’ll also write two blog posts per week on the future of journalism, essentially the whole reason why I made this blog in the first place. I’ll cross-post by blog entries.

I’m excited that I found an internship that really interests me and hope that it can lead to some good connections and relationships for later on in life.


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The Future of Journalism…in one word

For my Publishing in the Information Age class at Pitt, I decided to create a word cloud to coincide with my final project.

I asked journalists, editors, writers and classmates around campus to describe the future of journalism in one word. This is what I got:


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Sunday reads

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Overheard in the newsroom

This is a funny site that one of the editors at the Pitt News found: Overheard In the Newsroom

A few of my favorites…

Editor to young Intern: “We’re short on news today. I want you to go down Main Street and if more than 3 homeless people ask you for money, write something on the homelessness issue in this city.”

Reporter responding to e-mail announcing an upcoming technology upgrade: “Good, we’re only six years behind now.

Editor: “Did you see this? A breast-feeding mother fell asleep and smothered her 4-year-old child.”

Photographer: “That’s how I want to go.”

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Sunday reads

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New Media Project

Just so everybody knows, I’m working on a project as my final assignment for my Publishing in the Information Age class at Pitt. It will include some cool multimedia, audio and graphics.

If you’d like to help out, e-mail me one word that you feel describes the future of journalism. Your response will be published on this blog, but it will not be associated with you. I know that might not make sense, but basically if you e-mail that one word, you’ll help me out.

Do it.


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Tough news on the internship front

So, to get a little personal, I applied for this internship a month or two ago with the Pittsburgh Penguins. If selected, I would write feature stories for the team’s website and gameday programs. It could’ve been one of the best internships for me, especially if you know how big of a hockey and Pittsburgh Penguins fan I am.

But it happens. Oh well.

Now, I have to find a solid internship for the spring.

I’m positive others have heard “no” from an internship, just wondering what they did after.

P.S. If you know of any place looking for a qualified intern, send them my way or let me know.

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