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What do you believe about the teaching of English?

This is from one of my first assignments in my M.A.T. program. I figure my blog could also be used as place to share my thoughts as I work toward my degree – and then even further.

This is a unique question for somebody like me because I’m in the pre-teaching stage. I just started my program and haven’t even had the opportunity to observe teachers – both in English and other subjects – interact with and pass on knowledge to their students. But it’s still a valid question because, after all, even as a prospective teacher, I still hold beliefs about a high school English classroom.

For me, the teaching of English is highlighted best whenever the teacher has given the student an opportunity to express their ideas. I feel that a central goal for a teacher is to create an open forum in the classroom for students to discuss good and bad ideas alike. The key, however, is not to have a free-for-all in terms of structure in the classroom. Rather, the teacher can conduct a lesson that best encourages discussion.
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Teaching and social media: risk or reward?

There was an op-ed piece in the New York Times on Friday that discussed the issues teachers face in the world of Facebook, Twitter and blogging. Basically everything I was taught was necessary while a journalism major can now come back to haunt me. Or will it?

We’ve all heard stories about people across the job plane that got fired because of a post made on a social media site. But does the public scrutinize teachers more heavily? And should they? After all, they interact directly with children everyday for 8-9 months. Continue reading

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A new approach to sports journalism

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a big problem facing sports journalism. I wanted to expand on that thought because I think it coincides with another issue with the industry. The situation, as many know, is that budget cuts and layoffs are sweeping across the newspaper industry. That doesn’t bode well for those of us who need to travel, whether by car or by plane, to different cities for coverage of our local sports teams. Making it to different stadiums, spending time in hotels, covering dining costs and everything else involved with a trip is getting costly.

Is it really worth sending one or two reporters hundreds of miles away for usually two days and one night — on the paper’s dime, mind you — just to write a recap for a game that is over and done with in usually two and a half hours?

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Sunday reads

Busy last week and then Pittsburgh ended up with like two feet of snow. Pretty crazy. I’ll be posting an update on this post and have another Serra Media blog post this week, so be on the lookout for that.

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Sunday reads

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The theory behind a paywall for a small-market, local newspaper

Early in my internship with Serra Media, I’ve  had the opportunity to work with journalists and managers in the new media field. It’s been enjoyable learning about different strategies and reasons behind newspaper’s decisions. This post was written for Serra Media’s blog and focuses on one of the newspaper’s that run a hyperlocal Newsgarden site, the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin.

A little more than a year ago, the main newspaper for the Walla Walla Valley in Washington state, the Union-Bulletin, considered a major change in its website design. A controversial part of that redesign involved creating a paywall — giving full access to stories only if you were a paying subscriber.

But for a small-market newspaper, the decision might be the right one.

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Sunday reads

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