Beliefs in teaching English (a followup)

A quick update to my response on what I feel about teaching high school English. There’s roughly 20 in my Introduction to Inquiry class and we all talked about our beliefs for a minute or so. We were asked to jot down a key point or two from what each person said.Here’s what I noticed:

  • importance of written communication (speeches)
  • necessary for any subject matter
  • introduce new and exciting types of writing
  • individually work with each student
  • focused around questioning and discussion
  • not always a right answer
  • English is the study of the human connection
  • think and challenge assumptions
  • to read for pleasure and purpose together
  • craftsmen of the language
  • look at students as apprentices
  • appreciate students’ ideas as valid
  • help students unearth their passions
  • relate to how people feel, think and write
  • teachers should facilitate and encourage discussion and creativity
  • turn classroom into playgrounds
  • better writing and communication skills necessary for all professions
  • help students learn to succeed

There’s some pretty cool stuff in there, ranging from writing skills to thinking skills. To be honest, I think every one of these “ideas” or “beliefs” about teaching English are valid. And that’s what makes teaching this subject area so interesting. There are so many possibilities, but I think everybody in our class would agree that it’s important to engage students in learning in one way or another.


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