GQ sees iPhone app numbers increase, could be a good sign

About two months ago, I brought up how GQ beginning to sell issues of its magazine as an Apple iPhone app. For $2.99, buyers would a digital version of the publication, as well as multimedia, video, audio and everything else that you can’t get with a print version.

And, now, Conde Nast, the company that owns GQ, released numbers on the first couple months of the experiment. For the December issue, the first month of the app, GQ sold 6,614 copies and roughly 12,000 copies of the January issue. After Apple’s 30 percent fee for selling an app, that comes out to be about $39,000 for the first two issues.

Yeah, not a lot, especially when GQ has more than 227,000 newsstand and 685,000 paid subscriptions.

Still, Conde Nast and other agencies see these numbers as an encouraging sell to the mobile reader. And with Apple’s tablet set to launch, well, any day now, I wouldn’t be surprised to see GQ’s numbers jump even more in February and for more magazine publications to start making the switch.


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