The power of Google and ordinary people

Short post while I’m away and enjoying my break.

This post on Google’s blog shows the power of “ordinary people” in Iran creating “extraordinary video” about the ongoing protests and fights between some — and it looks like a lot — of the citizens and the government:

Armed with only a camera and a means to reach the Internet, anyone can ask another to bear witness to their lives. Given the nature of the YouTube videos from Iran, we may want to turn away from some of the images we see, but we keep watching, knowing that we are seeing through the eyes of a people who have discovered the power of information — despite the often extreme measures their government is using to try to stop them.

It’s an interesting story and news angle on the importance of social media. It also shows how much harder it is becoming for governments and other organizations to hide information. The people want to know and will do whatever they can to get that news, that truth.

So although it may seem like Google is killing the media, the media can start using Google to its advantage. Journalists can do Google searches to double-check graphs, get lost in a web of different viewpoints and facts and get back to what journalism is all about: finding the truth — even if they have to go through ordinary people.


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