Closing a newspaper, opening an online publication

Note: I’m in the midst of writing my final paper for my Publishing in the Information Age class, so I’m watch a ton of videos and reading a lot about the past, present and future of online news. Because of that, I’ll probably posting random links and short posts between now and whenever I finish this paper. They’ll be short, but hopefully they’re interesting.

Remember when the Rocky Mountain News closed earlier this year (watch this video)?

It was a sad moment, of course, but there’s something that I didn’t know about the aftermath — and chances are that you probably didn’t know, either. Whenever the RMN closed, a few (most?) of the staff started up an online publication: INDenverTimes.

To technically start up, the INDT needed 50,000 subscriptions but fell roughly 47,000 short. It caused some problems and they never got very far. They were eventually able to get the online site going and begin making credibility among different places and newspapers.

It looks like the INDT charges $4 per month for “walled off” material. But that’s just a few pennies more than what my local newspaper, the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette, is charging for their new premium website. But as that previous INDT article states, they are operating on a smaller staff, relying on an influx of different contributors, and receiving most of their revenue from online ads.

Because the Rocky Mountain News ended at the end of February, updates of the laid-off journalists and subsequent projects are slowly coming in. I’m interested to see what comes of the INDT, mainly because that’s something that I think newspapers are going to become — smaller and smaller entities before they start to work together and get larger.

I’ll probably have something about the Seattle Post-Intelligencer up next.


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