GQ takes a step forward

So, one of my professors (instructor? teacher?) works at GQ and brought in a bunch of the magazine’s most recent issues, the Men of the Year issue. By the way, Clint Eastwood is a total badass. Anyways, the reason why he brought the magazine in was to give us an example of what it looks like in print — all of the ads, smells and everything else — because this was also the first GQ (and, really, any magazine issue) that was sold as app for the iPhone.

For $2.99, the issue could and can still be purchased. It comes complete with all of the ads so businesses don’t get mad and the magazine can still sell them. But it also comes with all of the fancy multimedia, video, audio and everything else that happens with new media. You know, that stuff you can’t get in a print magazine.

The thing that is great about this — and I haven’t really seen too many blogs or columns talking about this — is that it will work. Instead of getting a clunky and big magazine, you can help save the environment and purchase it for your phone. It’s also much cheaper for the consumer, too. You can have it digitally stored on your phone forever. Eventually, you know, you have to get rid of those old mags.

But this is also cheaper for the magazine. Granted, as my professor said, there were a lot of man hours that went into making this first issue. Layout worked with web developers and coders to create an appeasing product that looks just like the real magazine. And now, if GQ finds this to be profitable, perhaps they can start cutting down on having to spend a lot of money on glossy magazine pages and instead focus on hiring new writers, multimedia professionals and other new media workers. In general, my professor said, it’s a lot cheaper to make an iPhone app that costs $2.99 than to make and have to print a magazine that costs $4-5.

But what’s nice is now that the code is written, it shouldn’t take nearly as much time to code and develop another iPhone GQ issue app. The hard part is over. Energy can now be put into making even better multimedia and making it an even more enjoyable app for iPhone users.

I’m really interested in seeing the numbers for the GQ app and if they made some nice money out of it. If so, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot more magazines start doing this and actually make money on the internet.

The time is coming when there won’t be a problem with having content online. Soon enough.



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