So a journalist wants to start a blog

Like anything that becomes successful, blogging takes time to build an audience that not only you inform, but also informs you. Anybody who starts a blog has to have one thing in mind: what is the goal?

This is an important step for anybody in the journalism field because you can no longer be a journalist who is just blogging for blogging’s sake. You know, because everybody else is doing it. And you can’t just have a blog that is there to list your published — or unpublished — stories. Blogs can be a resource to promote your articles, but that cannot be the only reason you have a blog. You have to have a (usually) single idea for a blog and write about it to achieve a goal.

Once the blog’s goal is determined, then you can start thinking about how you’re going to approach your blog. Things like attitude, updates, voice and many other things allow journalists to customize their blogging goals.

The thing that is great about the changeover from old media to new media is how writers and reporters are rewriting the journalism rules. With new forms of media, journalists don’t have to obey the typical journalism law. That’s not to say you should write libelous articles or lie about what you’re typing. Rather, get personal and connect.

With a blog, it’s important to continue writing — even if you don’t think anybody is reading — because if you persist, you will find that audience. You will be able to feed off their ideas, while also giving them ideas. That’s what this web world is all about: communication between writers and fans, journalists and readers.


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