Revival and Blog Goals

It’s interesting that I started this blog before my fall classes for final year at Pitt started, but as soon as I classes started, this fall to the side.

Actually, that’s not the interesting part. This is: one of my classes, and it’s definitely one of the best classes I’ve taken at Pitt, is on publishing in the information age. That is, running blogs and how new media will affect journalists.

I guess I failed on that first part. But to be honest, I started up another blog with my roommate. It’s on the places, events and happenings around Pittsburgh. In that regards, things are looking good and it looks like we’re having moderate success with our new blog, especially considering we just started it a couple months ago.

With that personal plug out of the way and my college career coming to an end next semester, I was hoping to start this blog up again. I’m not sure of my exact path with this blog, but I have narrowed it down to a few things that I’d like to see happen with this. The first two are fairly simple and don’t have much meaning, other than to help simplify some things for myself. However, the last part is something that I’d really like to expand on and hope to learn a lot in the process.

1. This will be personal site where I can post stories that I’ve written. The purpose of this is for not only my personal recordings, but also to have them publicly available.
2. I will give occasional updates on where my career is heading and what I plan to do once I get to that next step.
3. Above all, I’d like to use this blog to record my thoughts on the changing world of journalism. I hope that this can become a place where I can learn about multimedia and forms of new media. It’s a changing field right now and I cannot help but to follow it.

With those things in mind, this will be a central place for my works and thoughts.


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